3 Foolproof Tricks for Getting Your Exgirlfriend Back

Can't get her back? You're not doing the right things, or approaching your breakup from the right angle. Learn these 3 quick tricks for winning her over, and she'll be back in your arms in no time flat.

Get Ex Girlfriend Back

So she's not responding to you. Your girlfriend dumped you and she's not taking your calls, answering your text-messages, or replying to your emails. Any and all attempts at getting her back have ended in miserable, dismal failure.

So is it finally over? Do you just give up? Or are there ways of getting back together that you haven't tried yet?

Trick 1: Focusing on What Your Ex Girlfriend Wants... To Make Her Want You Back

Here's a novel idea: rather than run over and over into the concrete walls your ex keeps putting up around her, why don't you find a way around them? Instead of concentrating only on what you want right now, let's put yourself in your ex's shoes for a minute.

FACT: Your ex won't get back together with you until she actually WANTS you back. This requires you to be attractive to her - she'll have to need you again, both physically and emotionally, before she's willing to take you back in her life.

Right now though, you probably seem pretty unattractive. You're upset, hurt, bitter, angry, depressed, throwing things, crying, sulking, screaming, kicking, biting... the list could go on and on. Whether you're taking a passive role (curling up on your bed with a box of tissues, waiting for the phone to ring) or an active one (stalking your ex, doing drive-by's, blowing up her phone, etc...), all of the actions you're currently taking are driving your ex girlfriend away.

So either you've destroyed all the respect that your ex once had for you, or you're currently scaring her to death. In both cases, you'll never reverse the breakup, and you'll never get your ex back. Yet to your eyes, you're doing all normal things. You're acting completely reasonable, and you can't understand why she won't take you back.

For this reason, you need to learn these control-seizing techniques. Take back control over yourself, your mind, your body, and your mental state. When you can breathe free and have a clear mind, you can make level-headed decisions instead of reactionary ones. You can start planning to get your ex back rather than just grabbing your car keys and winging it.

Trick 2: Applying Counter-rejection Techniques To Make Her Want You Again

Know why you want your girlfriend back so very badly? It's all because she rejected you. Up until the moment she no longer wanted to be with you, you were probably taking your girlfriend for granted. The second she broke things off, you suddenly wanted her more than you've ever wanted anything in your life.

Well luckily, rejection is a two-way street. Reject your ex as well, and she's going to actually start to want YOU back. Sound strange? Well imagine you told her:

"Listen, you're right. We don't click anymore. There have been major problems for me, and it hasn't been good for a while. Let's both do our own thing, no hard feelings."

Do this, and your ex will IMMEDIATELY feel rejected. All of a sudden, she's wondering what things were bad for you, and what 'major problems' you had. It doesn't matter that she's the one who did the breaking up; your girlfriend will go out of her mind with curiosity, trying to understand what YOU thought was bad about the relationship.

At the same time, she'll feel as if she's losing something. YOU are leaving HER. Regardless of whether your breakup happened yesterday or six weeks ago, you've changed the whole dynamic between the two of you. It's a natural, knee-jerk reaction to want the things we can't have. So the moment she can't have you? As strange as it seems, that's the moment she'll start to actually want you back.

Trick 3: Bringing Your Ex Back To The Honeymoon Phase

Remember how mind-blowingly amazing the very beginning of your relationship once was? Well so does she. And because your ex remembers this, it's a pretty big piece of the overall puzzle when it comes to getting your girlfriend back.

Nothing is more awesome than the first few weeks of any new relationship. You're both crazy in love with each other, intensely attracted to one another, and completely tolerant of any and all faults you might have. Every moment... every single place you took her and spent time with her, your ex girlfriend remembers. And chances are, she remembers these times more fondly than any other part of your relationship.

Now obviously you can't call your ex up and say "Hey, remember how it used to be?" But you can use some very subtle methods and techniques to gently remind her of those good old days. When you've touched upon that golden phase of your relationship you've also brought certain feelings back to the surface for your ex girlfriend. Remember, she has emotional bonds to you that won't break overnight... right now she might be trying to bury those ties, but they're still not deep enough that you can't use them to your advantage.

The icing on the cake comes when you yourself have changed. Remember how awesome you treated your girlfriend in the beginning? How cool, confident, and attractive you were? How you were funny, or sweet, or kind? Those types of traits are what forced your ex to fall for you in the first place. Recognizing them, and renewing them within yourself, can easily get your ex to start looking at you the way she used to - in a very loving way.

Other Steps Necessary For Getting Your Girlfriend Back

These are only some of the early moves you need to make on the road to reversing your breakup, but there are other great tricks as well. To win your ex back you'll need to learn exactly what to do, and more importantly, exactly when to do it. In other words, your best chance to succeed occurs once you've adopted a step by step plan.

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