Can Sex With Your Ex Boyfriend or Girlfriend Help Fix Your Breakup?

Of all the things you'll miss about your ex, sex will be pretty high up on the list. Because let's admit it; going from having an active sex life to being totally without one is a pretty hard adjustment to make.

Sex With Ex Boyfriend Girlfriend

That said, breaking up doesn't always mean the end of your sexual relationship. Many ex boyfriends and girlfriends continue to sleep with each other long after the relationship ends, fulfilling both their emotional and physical needs for contact.

Sex with your ex might happen after your breakup, especially if the two of you seem to be breaking up and making up on a regular basis. It also may happen after being apart for a while, when the two of you are at your peak physical need for each other.

In the end, there are two basic types of post-breakup sex you can have with an ex:

First, there's sex just for fun. This is a 'friends with benefits' type of situation, and it can be a one-shot deal or an ongoing thing. Here the two of you are using each other because it's easy: the intimacy is already there, and you feel safe and familiar with each other. You've already had sex a whole bunch of times, and you're figuring one more time obviously can't hurt.

The problem however, is that it can hurt. Especially if you're expecting this type of sex to mean something in the grand scheme of things. The friends with benefits or 'F-buddy' arrangement has both benefits and drawbacks, with the down side often being that someone gets their hopes for a reconciliation up. So if you were the one who was dumped, and you're trying to get back with your ex girlfriend or boyfriend? Sleeping with them in this way is probably not a good idea.

The other type of sex is more important; reconciliation or makeup sex. This is the physical connection you'll have with your ex just before the two of you put your relationship back together. It usually comes toward the end of the breakup, right before you and your ex make the decision to give your romance another shot. As the last barriers fall you get physically drawn together, the way you did the first time.

Can Having Sex With Your Ex Help Make Them Want You Back?

Perhaps the most common misconception people have after a breakup is that sex equates to desire. If your boyfriend or girlfriend broke up with you, the fact that they're suddenly sleeping with you again might make it seem like everything's back to normal.

Sleeping With Ex

Unfortunately, that's not always the case. A lot of times the sex can mean a great deal to one person, and be totally meaningless to the other person involved. This leads to one-sided bitterness and resentment, as well as the broken hearted feeling of being used.

Sex alone will not reverse your breakup. You can't lure your boyfriend or girlfriend back into a relationship they already escaped from, just by dropping your pants and inviting them over.

In fact, sleeping with your ex just for the sake of getting them back is borderline entrapment. You're thinking the sudden inimacy of having sex - a physical act associated with your former relationship - will bring your ex back to 'the way things were before'. And while on some levels it will, it's also not guaranteed to keep them there.

Remember: you're looking for a relationship. You want to date your ex again, not just show them a good time. Respect is a huge part of whether or not someone wants to date you, so make sure your ex respects you and you're already halfway there.

Before even considering whether to sleep with your ex or not, you'll first need to have made some sort of connection. Fixing a broken relationship requires communication also, and some of the best ways to get back in touch with your ex after a breakup is by using these attention-grabbing techniques.

The Good Side of Sleeping With an Ex Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Morality aside, the physical act of having sex with someone also has an emotional side. And when that person is your ex boyfriend or girlfriend, the emotional bonds felt during your past relationship can easily come flooding back when you jump back into bed together.

Sex to Get Ex Back

Re-capturing some of the magic of your early relationship can really help cement the idea of an ex taking you back. Wanting you physically is one thing, but remembering the emotional connections you had while dating can be a crucial part of getting your boyfriend or girlfriend to need you again.

For both men and women, having sex with an ex partner can quickly spark past desire. Like it or not, you can't help but remember the feelings and emotions experienced by being with someone you once had a close and committed bond with.

And if you're building up to a reconciliation? Sex can act as that last straw that breaks the camel's back... the camel being the separation itself. At some point during the getting back together process, you and your ex will sleep together again. Exactly when this occurs is important, because having sex too early during the making up process can sabotage your efforts and prolong the breakup.

Sleeping with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend gives them:

  • Comfort
  • Security
  • Companionship
  • Physical and emotional fulfillment

These may NOT be things you want to give your ex right away, during the process of trying to get them back. Why? Because if your ex feels too comfortable in a certain situation, he or she will have no desire to change things. They'll keep the breakup going for as long as possible, to keep things exactly the way they are: status quo.

To get your exboyfriend or exgirlfriend to want you back? Keeping sex out of the equation is probably a good idea. Because aside from the emotional connection and daily companionship you offer someone during the course of a normal relationship, sex is usually reserved for those people who are connected to one other. By keeping in line with this, you're showing your ex that he or she can't have one thing (sex) without having the other (a commitment).

Best Methods for Reconnecting With an Ex Boyfriend or Girlfriend

When you're trying to put your relationship back on track, you need to follow a very specific path in regards to timing. There's a time to walk away, a time to stay away, and a time to finally re-open the lines of communication between you and an ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

Getting back in touch can sometimes be tough, especially if your ex hasn't called or contacted you. The best scenarios always involve getting your ex to call you first, but sometimes your boyfriend or girlfriend might need a little push in the right direction.

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