Biggest Signs Your Ex Might Want You Back Again

Ever get the feeling that your boyfriend or girlfriend is regretting the breakup? Wondering whether your ex wants you back, or if maybe you're just going through some wishful thinking?

Ex Wants You Back

One of the more important aspects of stopping and reversing any breakup is knowing exactly how the person feels toward you. And while you can't gain complete insight into what's going on inside your ex boyfriend or girlfriend's mind, with a little knowledge of what to look for you can certainly come close.

In the end, what YOU want doesn't matter so much right now. If it were up to you, you and your boyfriend or girlfriend would still be together.

What matters is what your ex wants. And if you're trying to undo your breakup and date this person again? Your goal is actually pretty simple: you want to do everything in your power to make sure your ex wants your relationship back.

Below you'll find a list of signs indicating you're almost there. These are signals your ex will give off when he or she is just about ready to reverse their decision, undo the breakup, and finally ask you to be their boyfriend or girlfriend once more.

Your Ex Just Can't Stop Calling or Contacting You

When you can't let go, it means you still have feelings. You already know this goes for you, because you know how you feel. But this also goes for your ex; especially an ex boyfriend or girlfriend who's still calling, emailing, texting, or otherwise trying to stay in touch with you.

Simply put, there's no excuse for post-breakup communication other than continued interest. No matter how much he or she might try to deny it, your ex is keeping up communication for a specific reason. That reason isn't "to say hello", or "to be friendly", or any of the normal excuses you might hear from them. The reason your ex still wants to talk to you is because they're insecure with their decision; the breakup - in their mind, anyway - isn't permanent just yet.

Communication always tapers off to nothing in the event of a real, true breakup. By the same logic, the reverse is true: if your ex boyfriend or girlfriend starts increasing the frequency and length of their contact? It's not only because they still love you, but because they're also thinking of taking you back.

Your Ex Sends You a Text Message From Out of the Blue

Get an ex boyfriend or girlfriend's text-message that seemed to come out of the clear blue sky? That's because your ex is thinking about you, and in some very good ways.

Ex Boyfriend Girlfriend Texting

Just any other form of contact, your ex won't text you without a clearcut reason. Chances are good you've ignored them long enough to get them thinking about you again, and by breaking that contact you've piqued their interest.

Your ex might've also texted you because they're lonely, or because whatever other relationship they had pinned their hopes on isn't quite working out. If your ex left you for another person, or the promise of some other relationship? It could be they're texting you while on the rebound from their rebound.

There are several ways you can still get them back when your ex is dating someone else, and texting you is their own safe little way of letting you know they're still 'around'.

A text is impersonal, and a little bit cowardly. Your ex is using texting as a way to test the waters; to feel you out, so to speak. This enables them to see where you're at, and what kind of attitude you might have toward them... all without having to call or talk to you face to face.

No matter what the case, your ex sending you a text is a very good thing if you're looking to get back together with them again. Answering their text immediately is not recommended; one of the best ways to draw your ex back in is to show them you're as disinterested as possible.

Your Ex Drunk Dials or Calls You in the Middle of the Night

Late night phone calls are pretty telling when it comes to an ex girlfriend or boyfriend. For one, these calls come at a time when your ex is at his or her weakest: i.e. they're already very lonely and alone. They also come for a very simple reason: now that they're alone, your ex's thoughts have wandered back to you.

This should tell you something very important; your ex's basest, most honest thoughts have you embedded in them. During the day they may be busy with work, school, friends, or even a new boyfriend or girlfriend. But left to his or her own thoughts? Your ex immediately picked up the phone and dialed your number.

Drunk dialing is another sign your ex wants to get back together, or is at least still hooked on you. Alcohol doesn't normally make people act too far out of character, meaning they don't often behave the way they wouldn't want to. Somewhere in the back of your ex's mind, he or she still wants you.

Your ex obviously still loves and has feelings for you. Getting drunk didn't place those thoughts in his or her head; it's not like these are foreign ideas. The alcohol merely brought those feelings to the surface. Once sober and in control again, that doesn't mean your ex still doesn't have those feelings anymore.

Your Ex Acts Pissed or Bitter About You Seeing Other People

A breakup is a breakup; in the truest sense of the word, both you and your ex are finally free of each other. This means that neither of you really has a say in what the other does, where he or she goes, and who they end up seeing in the grand scheme of things.

Ex Is Mad At Me

So when an ex takes a sudden interest in what you're doing? And when he or she gets mad at you for any plans you might have since the breakup? It's a good indication your boyfriend or girlfriend wants you back, because they obviously haven't let go of you yet.

Your ex has no right to be angry at anything after they break up with you. After all, did they just expect you to sit there? Calmly and patiently wait for them, on the off chance they'd come back?

Believe it or not, some exes do. They think that the person they dumped will stick around for a while, mainly because they know they're still hung up on them.

This is exactly why chasing after your ex never works. At best, it prolongs the amount of time you and your partner will be apart. At worst it destroys any respect your ex might still have for you, and causes them to see you in the worst and lamest possible ways.

If your ex is mad at you after the breakup, it's because they always intended upon taking you back. They're mad because you're suddenly behaving as a single person, while in their mind you somehow still belong to them. It's a good sign your ex still has strong feelings.

Your Ex Mysteriously 'Runs Into' or is Checking Up on You

If your ex can't physically stay away from you, it's one of the biggest signs there is. This means he or she is missing you badly, and reconciliation is probably right around the corner.

In many cases, your ex boyfriend or girlfriend will get embarassed here. Since the breakup was their idea, getting back together requires them to swallow their pride. Therefore, your ex will make all sorts of excuses to be around you, rather than outright tell you he or she wants you back. This is where your ex is hoping you'll try and get back with them, so they can 'accept' your offer and save face.

Your ex might also drive by your job, school, or home - especially on the weekends - just to check up on you. This is them protecting their own interests, and those interests involve inwardly knowing that your ex wants to get back together with you soon.

Your Ex Wants to See or Hang Out With You All of a Sudden

There's no such thing as an innocent date with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. You're not meeting to 'catch up', or to find out how the other person is.

Hanging Out With Ex

No, you're meeting each other to see if the chemistry is there. Or in the case where your ex initiated such a meeting? He or she is probably taking their first major steps toward getting you back.

This type of 'reunion date' usually starts out pretty innocent. Your ex will ask you to lunch or coffee, or some place you can sit down and talk about things. When this happens, pay close attention to your ex's body language and the way they look at you. You can tell a lot about whether or not your ex still has feelings for you by how nervous they are, or how quick they are to compliment you.

If your ex boyfriend or girlfriend really want you back, they might even bring up the subject of the breakup. This is where they'll be watching you for a reaction, to see where you stand in regards to your past relationship.

If you want your ex back, you'll also want to speak highly of the time that you dated. Make sure your ex knows you fondly remember those times, and they'll be encouraged to continue forward. By giving them the green light, you're making your ex come to you. This is important, because it will make any future relationship you have together a lot stronger than if you were the one constantly pursuing or running after your ex.

Other Signs Your Ex Wants To Get Back Together With You

The above list shows the outward signs that your ex boyfriend or girlfriend is still in love with you on some level. That said, there are inward signs too, and these are often even more important.

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