Does Your Ex Still Love You?   Take This Quiz and Find Out!

Hope. When you're trying to win back your ex after an unwanted breakup, it's the one thing that always keeps you going.

Knowing whether or not your ex still has feelings for you is an important part of staying strong. And because that strength eventually translates into confidence, this is one of the biggest motivating factors in making an ex see you as valuable again.

Ex Back Quiz

The following Ex Back Quiz will show you exactly how much your ex still loves, needs, and wants you in their life. If you answer each question honestly, the final score will provide valuable insight into the best ways to reconnect, rekindle, and eventually, reconcile with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

These 18 questions can also give you a peek inside your ex's current thought process. Find out what's motiving your ex to stay distant from you, and learn EXACTLY the reasons why he or she may have broken up with you in the first place.

The higher your score, the greater the level of attachment your ex has for you. As the quiz progresses, you'll see where you stand in their life.

Finally, the results page will give you specific advice related to your own unique breakup scenario, as well as information on how you can improve your current standings in the eyes of your ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

Getting mixed signals? Want to know where you stand? Find out right now!

Question 1 of 18:

How long did your relationship with your ex last?

A few weeks
Several months
A year or so
Two to three years
More than three years

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