4 Huge Signs Your Exgirlfriend Wants You Back

When you're trying to win back an ex girlfriend, it's often hard to know where you stand. Some girls break up cleanly, while other hang around for a while and tell you they want to be friends. Emails, text messages, and phone calls make it difficult to know if and when you should be making your move. That's why knowing the signs that your ex wants you back is a crucial part of getting back together.

Signs Exgirlfriend Loves You

If your girlfriend dumped you, getting her to date you again is going to rest mostly on your shoulders. The main reason for this? Because she's the one who ended the relationship, she'll feel awkward being the one who puts it back together again.

As you try to get your ex back, you'll need to notice the signs that it's working. Your ex will throw off many signals that are actually indications for you to keep moving forward. Some of them she'll be conscious of. Some she won't. But knowing when you've got the green light, and when you've got a red one, can be the difference between winning back your girlfriend and losing her completely.

The first thing to do is step back and examine the situation honestly. Put aside your wishful thinking, and take a hard look at how she's acting toward you. Once you've done that, read on. The following signs are promising indications that your ex girlfriend is thinking of giving your relationship a second chance:

She's Always In Contact With You

No break up is permanent, at least until the time comes when one person decides to move on. An ex-girlfriend who keeps in constant contact with you - especially one who never lost communication in the first place - hasn't fully let go of your relationship. She might be hanging around and acting like a "good friend", but the fact of the matter is she's still on the fence as to whether or not the relationship is totally over. Keeping you within arm's length is a safe, comfortable thing for her. If she's calling, talking to, or emailing you, it's a very good sign she hasn't completely written off dating you again - at least some time in the future.

Communication is extremely important. Before considering any contact with your ex girlfriend, make sure you've learned the best opening moves after a breakup.

She Always Asks What You're Doing

Any girl who breaks up with you but still wants to know what you're up to is keeping you in a holding pattern. No matter what she says or does, she doesn't want you finding anyone new. She sure as hell doesn't want you dating, or maybe she doesn't want you to date another girlfriend before she ends up finding someone of her own. Always asking about your life, lovelife, or social situation is a big sign of insecurity... and also a sign that she's not prepared for the end of your relationship. If your ex was truly finished with you it wouldn't much matter where you went or who you were spending your time with.

She Stops by For No Reason or Meets Up With You

Keeping the lines of communication open is a sign of wanting you around, but an exgirlfriend who physically comes to see you is missing you big time. She might come by very innocently or arrange a casual meeting, but what your ex is doing is actually meeting her own needs. All the small talk in the world doesn't hide the fact that she's still thinking about you - and not only that, she's missing you to the point of needing to be around you. When this happens, roll with it. Keep things casual and always light. No heavy conversations, and don't go into the break up. Make it fun and safe for her to be around you and your ex will want to keep coming back. And while she's there, keep an eye on her words, mannerisms, and body language. If you see any signs of those old sparks, your ex could be throwing them off for your benefit.

She's Suddenly Affectionate or Emotional Again

In the final stages of your break up, these are the behaviors to look for. When your ex starts being affectionate again - even playfully - she's letting you know she's ready to get back into a relationship with you... at least on some level destined for more than friendship. Take things at her own pace, and be careful not to be drawn in too quickly. Something in her life has probably changed, or maybe you just did a good job of getting your ex to miss you. Whatever the case, don't fight her on it. If she flirts, flirt back. If she starts talking about the past, reminisce with her. Again, keep things comfortable and happy. It won't be long before she's back in your arms again.

These are just some of the many signals given off when your ex girlfriend wants you back. For more complete list check out signs your ex wants to get back together.

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