3 Foolproof Tricks for Getting Your Exgirlfriend Back

Lost a relationship that you really loved? You're far from alone. Thousands of unwanted breakups happen every day, but it's what you do afterward that determines whether or not you'll get your girlfriend back.

Tricks To Get Ex Girlfriend Back

No one ever said dating was easy. But getting dumped? That's the hardest part of all. The pain... the rejection... the sense of hopelessness... it's overwhelming to say the least. But what if I were to tell you that these very things are what's preventing you from getting back together with your ex girlfriend?

It's all too easy to fixate on the negative after your ex breaks up with you. For some strange reason, it's human nature to want to wallow in self-pity. Maybe it's because feeling sorry for yourself feels good in some small way. Just getting those emotions out, even to yourself, is almost therapeutic.

Yet at the same time, these negative emotions are unknowingly hurting your chances of getting your girlfriend back. Your ex doesn't want to see you wrecked, shattered, or disconnected from the world. In fact, the very things that attracted her to you in the first place were probably the exact opposite traits you're exhibiting right now.

In the beginning you showed strength, confidence, and a healthy social life. All of these attributes make men desirable, even (and especially) after you've been broken up with. There are also a whole host of other important traits that will make your ex girlfriend instantly attracted to you again, and learning them is a huge part of getting her back.

Displaying The Strength To Stand On Your Own

A huge part of maintaining your ex girlfriend's respect is putting on a strong front. Yes, I know that you're hurting. I know it's painful to think of your ex girlfriend... or look through all the photos of the two of you together. But right now, all of that pain and misery is only going to drag you down. For this reason alone, you must remain strong after the break up.

If you're in a position where your ex won't see or hear from you, breaking all contact in the beginning is extremely important. The more of a mystery you can make yourself, the more she'll think about you. The more you withdraw completely from her life, the more your ex will miss you. Right after the break up, it's crucial that you do this. The no contact approach works well here, mainly because you're creating a hole in your ex girlfriend's heart where you used to be.

On your side of things, take everything that reminds you of your ex girlfriend and box it away. The less you're tempted to think about your ex, the better off you'll be - especially in the beginning. Nothing can make you feel depressed or want to call your ex more than staring at a bunch of old photos and reminiscing about good times. Instead, think to the future - when you'll be making new good times together.

By doing this, you'll accomplish something very important: you won't be tempted chase your ex girlfriend. As you move forward, you'll slowly realize that life goes on without her. Even better? She'll realize that you're not dependent upon her for your happiness. By not running after your girlfriend or calling her on the phone, your ex will begin to see that you can stand on your own. Your lack of contact will also be a little disconcerting to her, and this is a very good thing.

Focusing On The Guy She Fell In Love With

Remember the guy your girlfriend once agreed to go out with? To get your girlfriend back you must become that guy all over again. Close your eyes, clear your mind, and think back to the very beginning of your romance... back when the grass was greener, the sky was bluer, and everything between the two of you was absolutely perfect.

Can you feel the magic? Some of it was due to the newness and freshness of the situation. The rest of it however was all YOU. The sparks that existed between you and your ex happened because you cared for and respected each other, laughed together, and genuinely enjoyed each others' company.

Now think about the end of your relationship. Were things very different? Did you lose the sparks by taking each other for granted? Did you not enjoy each others' company as much, pay each other as many complements, or go as many fun places together? Hey, it happens. Even the best relationships can grow mundane at times. But if you're willing to realize what made the sparks go dim, you now also know what can fan the flames... and what will make your ex suddenly take notice of you again.

Charisma, Charisma, Charisma

Know that guy that everyone loves? Of course you do. This is the guy who gets all the girls, has all the friends, and always has something good going on. Women are naturally and magnetically attracted to men with charisma, and your ex girlfriend is no exception.

Charisma comes from within. It comes from being happy with oneself, and your place in life. If you're constantly negative and always down, you'll actually send off vibes that will drive people away. But by remaining positive, upbeat, and optimistic? You can begin generating lots and lots of good energy. This effect is contagious, and it will rub off on the individuals around you. In time, people will be drawn to you because they'll see you as someone fun, funny, and cool to hang out with.

This is exactly the type of thing that will make your ex girlfriend want you again. By channeling positivity everywhere you go, you're going to form some very fun social circles. Your goal here is to have your ex look at you and say: "Wow, why did I let this guy go? Maybe I made a big mistake." From there, reversing your breakup is only a formality.

Show Your Ex Girlfriend Exactly What She's Missing

A lot of guys will intentionally avoid their ex girlfriends after being dumped. They feel weird, awkward, and maybe even a little ashamed around them. Unfortunately for them, they're shooting themselves in the foot. This type of behavior only reinforces their ex's decision to break things off with them.

To win your girlfriend back, you need to develop a thicker skin. You should be bulletproof in your approach... you should be smiling in the face of adversity. Your ex should wonder why the breakup doesn't seem to bother you, and she should begin questioning whether she needs you more than you actually need her.

There are some great methods and techniques for getting your exgirlfriend to want you again. They involve some very simple tricks that you can do right away, and the best part of all is that your ex won't even realize that you're doing them.

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