5 Fast Changes That Will Make Your Ex Need You Back Again

Trying to repair a broken relationship? Ex boyfriend or girlfriend ignoring you, and all your attempts at getting them back? By making these five simple adjustments you'll turn your ex immediately around, putting yourself right back in control again.

Getting Ex To Want You

So... how do you get your ex back when it seems they don't want you? How can you fix your breakup when you have no contact?

Truth be told, you can't chase after your ex or convince them to change their mind. Right after the breakup there's really only one thing you can do, and that's to focus inwardly on yourself while making yourself into someone your ex both wants and needs in their life again.

Until you do that, you've got literally no chance of reversing your breakup. Even the very best reconnection techniques won't put you back together - at least not for very long - because you haven't developed into something your ex would even want to date again. In short, nothing has changed.

Destroying The Person Your Ex Expects To See

After dumping you, your ex boyfriend or girlfriend will run fast and far in the opposite direction. This is because they expect you to chase them, and they're looking for ways to avoid any contact.

Your best bet? To give them nothing but space. When your ex looks in his or her rear-view mirror they should see nothing but empty road. Why? Because you're already gone. The person they expect to see (chasing them, begging them for another chance, promising to change, etc...) is not there, and this leaves them already at an uncomfortable disadvantage when it comes to the breakup.

Detached Indifference - Abandoning the Relationship

Your ex boyfriend or girlfriend 'wants to be left alone'. At the same time, they want to see that you're literally dying without them. They both expect and hope to see you a shattered wreck, as this boosts their ego and validates their decision to let you go.

This is why you need to smile, laugh, and move on with complete indifference to your past relationship. Your ex look back over their shoulder and see someone who's completely at peace - breakup or not. It should seem as if you yourself have abandoned the relationship, and you did this quickly, easily, and without even trying to fight for it.

Resurrecting The Person Your Ex Once Loved

Remember when your ex fell head over heels in love with you? So do they. Close your eyes and visually picture every single aspect of that person you once were when you first met your ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

Got it? Good. Because to get your ex back, all you need to do is be that person again. Were you thinner? Jump on a treadmill. Were you more tan? Get out in the sun. Were you more outgoing? Confident? Charismatic? Happy? Getting back to those very positive basics will help make you a better and more attractive person, inside and out. It will also get your ex to want you again, and this is crucial to getting them back.

Letting Loose Your Inner Social Rock Star

Know what's attractive? YOU. Once you leave the house, grab some friends, pick up some family, and start living a life that will make your ex boyfriend or girlfriend jealous.

Ever gone skydiving? Try it. Take pictures. Facebook them. Pick up new hobbies and go new places. Even better, pick some places or activities your ex has always wanted to be a part of. The idea that you're not sitting at home with a box of kleenex will totally surprise your ex. And the fact that you're having more fun without them than you ever did while you were dating? That will drive your ex crazy.

Jump Right Back on The Horse. Which Horse? Any Horse!

You still want your ex back, but that doesn't mean you should wait around for them. One of the greatest ways to grab your ex's attention (as well as let them know you're 100% 'over' the breakup) is to go out on a date with somebody else.

Find someone fun, attractive, exciting, and most of all, someone who's company you enjoy. This could be a friend of a friend, someone you knew for a while, someone you just met - it really doesn't matter. When word gets back that you've gone out on a solo date with another member of the opposite sex, your ex will instantly be jealous. They'll also start questioning whether or not they want the breakup to go on, because it sure seems like you're slipping away for good.

There are LOTS of other techniques you can use to make your ex want you back, including psychological triggers (for both male and female mental perspectives), as well as reversal techniques that will have them begging to see you again. You also need to know how to handle post-breakup phone calls, emails, and Facebook with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

Reversing your breakup isn't hard, if you know the right steps to take. By being proactive about your life and keeping things together, you can easily have your ex's number showing up on your cellphone in record time.

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