Biggest Mistakes Made While Trying to Get An Ex Back

Winning back the love of your ex boyfriend or girlfriend can be tough, especially if you're also fighting the depression associated with being dumped. The most important thing is to stay strong, keep your chin up, and plan ahead. To get back with an ex, you'll need a clear head and a good heart. This will help you avoid making the bigger mistakes most guys and girls make while trying to date an ex again.

Ex Back Mistakes

The ironic part of getting back together? Your chances are best when you do the least amount of work. Right after your relationship ends, the beginning stages are crucial.

This is where most men and women make a ton of mistakes; calling, begging, pleading, writing love notes... these are some of the worst things you can do to get back your ex. The most important part of fixing your breakup are the things you don't do. For every step forward you take toward reconciliation, making just one big error could set you back ten steps.

The following is a list of the major pitfalls most people fall into right after their lover breaks up with them. See which ones you're guilty of falling into, and then see what you can do:

Crying/Begging - This is one of the most common behaviors. Putting your ex through jaunts of crying or begging to get your relationship back is a very poor way of making him want you back. If he or she doesn't outright ignore you, they'll start lying to you or telling you what you want to hear... just to get you to stop. You cannot guilt your ex into coming back to you. And even if you could, how long do you think he or she would stay with you? You'd just be headed for another break up. Stay strong, and walk away with your dignity intact. This is much more attractive to both men and women, and it will help you later on when you're in the later stages of trying to win back your ex.

Contacting Your Ex Excessively - In fact, the best thing to do is not contact them at all. Learning how to win back an ex boyfriend or girlfriend involves making them miss you. If you're emailing, text-messaging, or always on the other end of a phone call... they can't do that. Knowing you're "around" is one of the easiest ways to prolong the break up. Your ex will feel comfortable knowing he or she can get you back whenever they want, and because of this they'll keep moving forward without you. Only by disappearing from sight will your ex begin to worry about losing you for good. Getting them to think this way is one of the keystone moves to winning back your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Threatening Your Ex With Deadlines - Really bad move. Not only are you not in position to be making demands or giving ultimatums, but your ex will resent you for being aggressive about the break up. Your deadline will come, go, and nothing will happen... making you look foolish. As angry as you might be after getting dumped, steer clear of making these type of demands. Again, keeping your dignity will make your ex respect you more, and increase the chances of fixing your relationship in the long run.

Showing Up To See Your Ex - The line between love and obsession can sometimes be blurred, and this is especially the case here. Popping in to see your ex or showing up at his or her job, school, or home is one of the worst possible mistakes you can make after a break up. If you're not immediately labeled a stalker, your ex will suddenly become afraid of running into you wherever they go. This will make them totally uncomfortable around you, which is not what you want. Getting back with your boyfriend or girlfriend requires them to feel safe and happy around you. No matter how innocent you believe your reasoning is for having to see your ex again... believe me, they know the real reason why you're there.

Don't Send Your Ex Anything - It's tough losing someone you love. After contact with your ex is broken for a while, you'll be missing them very much. You may want to tell your lover something by sending a letter, or maybe boxing up those CD's and shipping them back with a note attached. You'll tell yourself it's okay, because these are his or her things. But you know what you're really doing? You're tipping your hand. You're letting your ex know you still pine for them, which will feed their ego and make them comfortable in the knowledge that they can still get you back. Tough it out, and stay strong. If you're missing your ex, chances are he or she is also missing you on some levels. Not hearing from you is the best way to continue those thoughts in your ex's head.

What You Can Do To Get Your Ex Back

Okay, now that you know the more common mistakes to avoid making while trying to get back together with your boyfriend or girlfriend... what can you do?

Well the good news is that there are LOTS of actions you can take to halt and reverse your breakup. The bad news is that your ex won't wait around forever, and the sooner you get started the easier it will be to fix your broken relationship.

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