Getting an Ex Girlfriend To Go Back Out With You

Every guy who's ever been dumped wonders the same thing at one point or another: "How Do I Get My Exgirlfriend To Go Out With Me?"

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Meeting your ex after a break up is hard enough, but knowing what to say when you do see her again is even harder. Learning the best ways of contacting your ex when you want her back can set you up for a totally successful reunion date: your ultimate goal.

Many guys worry so much about winning back a girlfriend that they overlook a lot of important details. Just getting face to face with your ex isn't enough... you need to know what you're going to do and say that will convince her to give your relationship another shot. Most important of all, you have to make sure you meet her when she's in the right mood. If you've bullied or strongarmed your ex into meeting up with you, chances are good she's going to be pretty annoyed. She'll be unreceptive to anything you try to tell her, and the whole meeting will be very confrontational.

Getting your girlfriend back requires you to create something first: longing and need. Your ex girlfriend should really have a desire to see you, talk to you, and find out how you've been doing. This can't happen if you've been talking to her, emailing her, or text-messaging her with hourly updates.

This is why it's crucial to break contact immediately after the break up, allowing your ex some time alone. When you give her the space required to really think about your relationship, your ex will miss you. Making her curious to speak to you again is a huge step along the path to winning back your girlfriend, and a definite prequisite of the reunion date.

Allowing Time To Smooth Things Over Between You and Your Ex

Whatever happened between the two of you, it's always best to let time smooth it over. Your break up might've been civil, but then again it might've been filled with a lot of anger and resentment. If things were said that neither of you meant, leaving each other alone for a while is just good policy. Getting your ex girlfriend to go out with you again won't happen until she's forgotten about any bad circumstances surrounding the break up.

Will you know when the time is right? Yes. Your ex girlfriend will show signs that she's ready to talk again, just like she'll show signs of still having feelings for you. Be ready to read these signals, as they might come in lots of different forms. Her mannerisms, body language, and even the way she responds to you will all be telltale signs that she might be ready to talk about things. No matter what happens, you'll need to take it slow. Even if she's giving you the go-ahead signs, there's no reason to rush back into things after a break up. Resolving your differences will take time, and a cooperative effort by the both of you.

Seeing Your Ex Girlfriend For The First Time Since Breaking Up

Picking a place to finally meet your ex is important. You want to invite her somewhere casual, for something short like lunch or a cup of coffee. Dinner would be too long and serious of a meeting, and you want to keep things pretty easy for right now. When you do meet, don't talk about anything serious. Your goal should be to reconnect, have fun, and leave before you've run out of things to say. Leaving her wanting more is an neat little trick that gets her to come back another time.

Now if you're having trouble getting your girlfriend to talk to you, there are good ways to make contact. First, you'll need to have given her enough space for the both of you to resolve the break up. Once that's done, you can make casual contact through a number of methods. There are also ways designed to get your ex to call you... but before you employ them, you'd better be prepared as to what you're going to say - and how you're going to say it. Too often guys show up to see an ex girlfriend and have no idea what to do, knowing only that they somehow want to convince them to come back.

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