Getting Your Ex Back With One Simple Trick

Did your relationship end suddenly, leaving you reeling and unsure what to do next? Have you tried everything possible to get back with your ex, but so far they haven't responded? Well relax, take a moment, and learn this one easy trick for making your ex want you back again.

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There's a ton of advice out there on how to get your ex back after an unwanted breakup. Calling, telling them how you really feel, trying to meet up with them... these things will only make your ex run faster and farther away. Because as you've probably already found out, the harder you push the more you actually push your ex boyfriend or girlfriend away from you.

But then again, what are you supposed to do? If you can't chase your ex, what should you be doing to bring your boyfriend or girlfriend back to you again?

Truth be told, there are lots of actions you can take to fix your breakup. You just need to learn what these are, and exactly the right timing of these actions.

Before you can do anything however, you need to fix your own shattered emotional state and set aside any pity, sorrow, or grief you still have over the breakup. A clear head and a sharp mind is the best way to get back with an ex; success never comes from being overly emotional, needy, or desperate.

First, you need to understand exactly where your ex's head is at right now. As hard as the breakup has impacted you, there's one thing you haven't really considered: your ex boyfriend or girlfriend still needs you just as much as you still need them. The only difference? After the breakup, they need you in much different ways.

Going back a bit, let's talk about your breakup. When your ex sat you down to end the relationship, chances are good you felt pretty ambushed. You weren't expecting to have to let go, and so all at once you were suddenly faced with the prospect of losing this person you love and care about... without any time whatsoever to prepare yourself for that moment.

On the flip side of the coin, your ex had days - and possibly even weeks - to consider the breakup. He or she weighed the options, made the decision, and had already broken up with you in his or her mind long before they revealed to you that the relationship was over.

What does this mean? It means your ex boyfriend or girlfriend had time to prepare for the end. Piece by piece, bit by bit, they let you go gradually. The emotional ties and bonds your ex had for you were already partially severed by the time they broke the news to you, making it a lot easier for them to let you go. THIS is why your ex hasn't responded to you right now, and this is why they might seem so unusually cold or detached from the relationship.

Why Your Ex Still Has Feelings For You, and What Those Feelings Mean

The next thing to understand? That just because your girlfriend or boyfriend ended the relationship, it doesn't mean they never want to hear from you again. On the contrary, your ex is relying upon the fact that you still love them, you still want them, and you're still likely to chase them after they dump you. All this post-breakup attention allows them to let go of you even more gradually, and it makes them stronger in their resolve.

Chasing, crying, begging, pleading, caling, emailing, texting, writing letters... the more you do these things, the greater the chances that you'll never get back with your ex. You're making them stronger, putting them more in control, and giving your ex more of a reason to keep the breakup a permanent thing rather than relent and go back to dating you again.

So to sum it up? Your ex does want to hear from you. At the same time, the type of contact you're currently giving them is NOT the contact that will get your ex back. You're basically giving yourself over to them, surrendering power and letting them know they have a big fat giant safety net to fall back on. That safety net is what's keeping the breakup alive. It's what's preventing your ex from opening his or her arms and wanting you, missing you, and needing you back in their life again.

The only way to get your boyfriend or girlfriend back is to immediately start cutting away that safety net. This is accomplished by dropping off your ex's radar, and taking yourself out of every single aspect of his life. This means no phone calls, texts, emails, or Facebook... nothing at all. Your ex should turn to see how you're doing and find no information whatsoever. It should be like you totally disappeared, leaving your boyfriend or girlfriend wondering where you went, what happened to you, and most of all, why you're suddenly not chasing them anymore.

The moment you're gone from your ex's life is the moment they start wanting you back. This holds true of any breakup, no matter how badly things ended, even in the case where cheating is involved or your ex might already be dating someone else. Making your ex miss you should be your primary goal, but your ex CANNOT miss you until you've served them up an icy-cold plate of absolutely positively NO contact. The best methods for making your ex miss involve this 4 step process.

Making Your Ex Feel a Sense of Urgency to Reverse The Breakup

And beyond missing you? Your ex will worry. You want your ex worried, because he or she will worry that you found someone else. After all, why else would you stop calling or pursing them? What possible other reason could lead to such a quick turnaround, if you haven't been distracted by dating somebody else? These are the thoughts that will pop up (rather unwanted) in your ex boyfriend or girlfriend's mind. And these are the same thoughts that will drive them back into your arms again.

In the end, we all want validation. We all want to be loved. Even though your ex is the one who broke up with you, he or she still needs to know you love and care for them. They'll be hungry to see this, even if they act like they don't want to hear from you at all. Starving them and depriving them of this type of contact is the only way to get your ex thinking about you, regain their attention, and make them question the decision to end your relationship in the first place.

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