How To Make Your Ex Fall Back In Love With You

If you've been trying to get back together with an ex girlfriend, chances are you've promised to change for her. Guys do this without thinking, and most times the changes they make are unsuccessful in winning back an ex.

Make Ex Fall Back in Love

That said, if you're truly willing to put in some effort? There are quick ways you can get your exgirlfriend back... by showing her the man she used to love.

There are many ways to get back into your girlfriend's mind, and heart, after she breaks up with you. Some of them involve distancing yourself from your ex, but others? They involve changes you can make to your general behaviors and attitude.

To get back together again, you need to walk a fine line: creating exactly the guy she's looking for while still keeping the identity of the man she fell in love with in the first place. If you're trying to get your ex to want you back, this guide is for you.

"I promise I can change..."

How often have you heard those words? And have you ever even said them to someone?

If so, they've probably come out of your mouth without you fully understanding what you mean by them. After a girl dumps you, you might be so concerned with getting her back that you're saying anything you think she wants to hear. Should you change? Can you change? And if so, what adjustments can you make that will make your ex come running back into your arms?

There's no single answer to any of those questions. Before you begin, you should examine the words and feelings your now ex-girlfriend conveyed to you at the time of the break up. She gave you hints, whether or not you picked up on them. If you can decypher what she was saying, you'll understand what kind of guy she thinks she's looking for. And hey, want to know a secret? Chances are it's the same guy you once were. When? Back at the beginning of your relationship.

Putting Things Back to the Way they Used to Be

Somewhere between "let's go out" and "we have to break up", things changed. You're still the same person you always were, but your attitudes and actions might have differed over time.

Eventually, these changes made your ex look at you in different ways. Some of these changes were not for the better, and as you got further and further from what she wanted, her emotional needs weren't being met. The guy that once wooed her so successfully was now someone completely different (at least in her eyes), and that's when she ended things.

Now, you should never change. Not for anyone. The person you are right now is essentially the same person you'll be for the rest of your life - and your ex fell for that person. Decades of growing into the man you are now can't be undone by simply "promising to change" for someone, even a girl you love.

And you know what? You shouldn't change. Being yourself is always the best course of action - the minute you try to be someone else you're just faking it. No relationship can be built upon that.

That said, you can still make certain adjustments to your attitudes and behaviors that will pull your ex back faster than you know. Somewhere inside you is a secret recipe for success that once caused your ex to fall head over heels for you. You did things and said things that made her want you. And so the secret to getting your ex back? Digging back up that magical formula for success and recreating it.

The only problem? You might not know where you put it.

Putting Things Back To The Way They Were In The Beginning

Learning how to get back an ex girlfriend involves taking a long look at the earliest parts of your relationship. Remember when you first started dating your ex? These were great times for the both of you. Maybe you were more attentive to her. Perhaps you treated her better than you've been treating her lately. You were almost certainly more tolerant of anything she did... and maybe now even her slightest little quirks get you annoyed too quickly.

In the beginning of your relationship, were you outgoing? Driven? A lot more confident? If you've lost those traits over time, your relationship could've lost its lustre. By searching the beginning of your relationship you can find out many things about the man you used to be... and how it might've driven your ex right into your arms way back then.

If you see a lot of differences between the guy you were then and the guy she broke up with, you're not alone. Over time, any couple begins to fall into routines that might not be as fun or exciting as in the beginning of the relationship. But once you start taking your girlfriend for granted however, you're no longer going to be meeting her needs.

When this happens, she's going to be unhappy. Did you change? No. You're the same person you always were. But your behaviors and attitudes might've slipped a little... or a lot. Getting back together with your exgirlfriend might be as simple as reversing these mindsets and creating the old environment where you both unconditionally loved each other.

In trying to date your ex again you've got many advantages, your past being one of them. Finding out how you can use good memories to your advantage is a great way to place yourself back into her mind. There are emotional reconnection techniques you can use to make her fall back in love with you again, as long as you know where and how to use them.

Break ups aren't always permanent... the things you do (and don't do) after getting dumped will determine how your ex views you - whether it be as a potential boyfriend again, or just as a friend. The sooner you get started, and the more knowledge you have, the greater your chances of making exgirlfriend want you again.

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