I Want My Girlfriend Back! Emotional Bonding Secrets & Techniques

Letting go of a relationship is hard. But if you think getting dumped is tough to swallow, believe it or not, it's also tough on your girlfriend.

want ex girlfriend back

Knowing exactly what's going on in her mind when she decides to end the relationship can help win your ex back quickly rather than lose her. By unlocking the secrets of the emotional bonds she still has to you, there are simple ways of getting your girlfriend to want you again.

So your relationship is cruising along, everything's going well, and then suddenly she hits you with it:

"I think we should stop seeing each other"

It's like a knife to the stomach - one that gets twisted up inside you as you struggle to understand what went wrong, why it went wrong, and whether or not the broken relationship can somehow still be salvaged.

If you want your girlfriend back, you're certainly not alone. Millions of guys get broken up with each day, and most of them look for a way to fix things.

Changing your girlfriend's mind after she breaks up with you is hard, because she's already had some time to emotionally detach from you. She also went into the break up arena mentally and emotionally prepared to do battle, while you were probably blindsided by what she had to say.

But make no mistake: break ups, like relationships, are filled with conflicting emotions. When she dumped you, chances are good that your girlfriend hid most of the emotions and feelings she still has for you. Doing this was the easiest way for her to deal with the break up, and to get the whole process done quickly. But it's exactly these things - her residual love and feelings - that will help you to win her back... if you know certain inner reconnection techniques, and the right way to use them.

After She Breaks Up With You - What Your Girlfriend Expects

Women, like men, have a desire to be loved. When your girlfriend breaks up with you, she to still want her. But at the same time, she doesn't want you to call her. And the reason for this, is because your ex is still trying to process her feelings for you. Talking to you immediately after the break up is confusing and hard for her, which is why she pushes you away. The more contact you try to make immediately after a girl breaks up with you? The worse and worse you're making the situation.

That being said, your girlfriend still wants to see you chase her. The fact that you're still in love with her validates her decision to dump you. A guy who's hung up over her probably doesn't deserve her - that's her thought process, anyway. So while you think you're being all romantic with phone calls and text-messages and cards, poems, and songs? You're just making yourself look more and more desperate.

Instead of running around crying I want my girlfriend back, you should be ceasing all contact associated with your ex (that means her friends, family, etc...) and silently taking a giant step back from the situation.

Because you know what? Your girlfriend expects that you're going to call her. In fact, she counts on it. The validation she receives from just one simple phone call can feed her ego for weeks on end, causing her to continue right on with being single. In short, the more you try to contact your ex, the more she feels in charge of the situation - and the longer you're going to drag out the break up. Make enough of these mistakes, and you'll eliminate all possible chance you have of getting your girlfriend back at all.

One Thing Your Girlfriend Underestimated About Breaking Up With You

Today's world is filled with many ways keep in touch. Email, voicemail, Facebook, MySpace, IM's, text-messages... the list is absolutely ridiculous. So although she may feel a little apprehensive when she breaks things off with you, your girlfriend still expects to communicate with you - at least on some type of semi-consistent level.

This communication may be small, like a short once-a-week email, or it may take larger forms. Your ex may even ask to be friends after breaking up with you (which of course is the worst possible thing you can agree to).

In any event, your girlfriend is most comfortable breaking up with you when she envisions a g-r-a-d-u-a-l disassociation. It's always easier to let someone go a little bit at a time, than it is to let them go all at once. So what do I do if I want my girlfriend back? You remove yourself utterly and completely from her life, and you do it immediately after the breakup happens. By taking yourself away all at once, you're shocking her into realizing that she's suddenly all alone.

You know that stupid little phone call you get a few days after every break up?

"Oh, hey, hi... how are you? Listen, I need to get my stuff back."

Well forget about it. You're not making that phone call, and you're not receiving that phone call either. By not acknowledging your ex girlfriend AT ALL, you're giving her absolutely no post-break up validation. Your stuff is not important, or it wouldn't be left at her house. And if her stuff is important enough that she keeps hounding you for it? Bag it all up neatly and drop it on her doorstep during a time you know she'll be at work. Not a word, not a message, not a note - nothing. Your silence and complete lack of contact will speak ten times louder than anything you think you have to say to your ex.

By breaking down the lines of communication, you're creating a scenario where your ex has no clue what's going on. Are you mad at her, or are you completely over the breakup already? Did you find someone else? Are you dating a new girlfriend? Why haven't you at least tried to fight for her back... did you really not care about the relationship?" These thoughts and a thousand more will bounce around in her head. They'll be made worse and worse by the fact that she hasn't had the slightest bit of communication from you, and her curiosity over what you're doing will start driving her insane.

Breaking Past Relationship Bonds To Create a Need For Yourself Again

If you want your girlfriend back again, you need to sever all her emotional bonds. You can't let her stretch them out over a long period of time, because this is when it's easy for her to make the breakup permanant. Instead, you need to cut ties immediately so that your ex starts missing you right away. She wanted space? She's got it. Tons of space. So much space that she might need a spacesuit. I'd even suggest sending her one, but even that would validate the fact that you're thinking of her at all... which is not what you want.

This whole concept is only a small part of getting back together with an ex girlfriend. Getting her curious about you is the first step. Making her want you back is the next. From there, you'll need to learn the best methods and techniques for re-establishing communication when the time is right. There are ways to get your ex to call you, as well as other ways to set up your first reunion date. All of these smaller steps make up a blueprint for successfully fixing your breakup. By having a step-by-step plan to get her back, you'll know exactly what to do next and exactly when to do it - a much, much better way of winning her over than just trying things at random and hoping they'll work.

There's a Proven 4 Step Process necessary to get back with an ex girlfriend, so find out what to do next! By learning to reactivate your ex's emotional bonds to you, you can reverse your breakup and quickly put her back in your arms again.

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