How Can I Tell If My Exboyfriend Still Loves Me?

Before trying to get back an ex boyfriend, wouldn't it be wise to know if he still wants you? Reading your ex's true feelings toward you can be difficult, especially after you've spent some time apart.

Ex Boyfriend Wants You

But if you're set on reversing your breakup and getting back together again? Recognizing the signs your ex boyfriend wants you back is an important part of the overall process.

Men can sometimes be secretive, especially when it comes to their feelings. Even while you were dating your boyfriend, you might've seen him act very guarded with the emotional aspect of your relationship.

Women in relationships often struggle to know exactly how their man feels about them, and flat-out asking him isn't always the answer.

Once you've broken up? Things get ten times harder. If your boyfriend ended your relationship and walked away cleanly, you may be considering moving on. But in many cases, a guy will give mixed signals after the break up. He'll still call... or write... or text message you. Maybe you'll get an email, or short message from him.

Calling to "ask how you're doing" or even to say he's thinking about you might give you hope that your relationship can be saved... but then suddenly the next day your ex is cold and distant again. What's he doing? How do you know if your ex boyfriend still wants you?

If you're sitting around wondering if you've been waiting on false hope, don't despair. The following list of signs are all pretty standard signals a man will give off when he still has feelings for you:

He Keeps Talking To You After the Break Up

A guy who's hellbent on leaving you will keep on walking. He won't turn around a day or two later and call you up to see how you're doing. He won't email or text you, or drop by to say hi, or any of those things that "friends" do. And if your ex has offered to be friends after the break up? It's his way of keeping you within arm's reach in case he wants to reverse his decision and take you back. Breaking up cleanly and totally is a sign that things might be over... but whenever your ex is still talking to you after the break up? It's a good sign that he still has feelings for you.

An Ex Boyfriend Keeping Tabs on You

You'll know it when your ex is trying to keep tabs on you. The most innocent little questions such as "What did you do last weekend?" are all geared toward finding things out.

Your exboyfriend isn't done with dating you yet if he's still asking you these questions. He wants to know he can come back and pick up where things left off, but that just can't happen if you're dating another guy. The more innocent your activities, the longer he's going to prolong the break up.

Only when you start employing emotional reversal methods will your ex actually feel threatened by the possibility of you moving on. This is exactly when he seriously starts considering being with you again, and this is also one of the biggest ways you can know if your ex boyfriend still wants you.

He Keeps Trying to Meet Up With You

An exboyfriend who wants to meet you is looking for a more intimate type of contact. Sure, he may just be trying to sleep with you - and you should consider that possibility always. But just seeing or talking to you face to face is a form of intimacy your ex doesn't get over the phone, and this may be why he wants to see you in person. An ex who's asking to meet you is on the fence about wanting you back. He's trying to see if the spark is still there... looking for ways he can convince himself that you can make it work together. Don't move too fast or you'll scare him away, but if you do decide to meet him? Make sure you say and do the right things on your reunion date.

An Ex Boyfriend Asking Your Friends About You

If your friends come around with tales of your exboyfriend asking about you? He's trying to find out your dating situation... but without asking you directly. This is actually a good sign. If you want your ex boyfriend back, you may be tempted to let him know that you're not seeing anyone at all. But at the same time, the very mystery of not know what you've been up to will attract him five times faster than if he knows you're happily single. To get a boyfriend back, you should always give the impression that you're moving on. Make sure your friends know this. Don't make up anything that isn't true, but don't let them tell your exboyfriend that you've been sitting around by the phone painting your nails, either.

He Keeps Showing Up to Visit Unexpectedly

Did your ex boyfriend stop by unexpectedly? It's because he didn't know what else to do. He's struggling with his feelings, and he wants to somehow sort them out. In a way, he's looking to you for guidance. He'd like to see signs that you want him back, so that he can put forth the same types of signals. If you're trying to get boyfriend back, the unexpected pop-in is one of the biggest ways to know if your ex boyfriend still wants you. It's almost a desperation move on his part, but don't make him feel bad or guilty about it. Do that, and you might not see him again for a long while.

Need additonal help? Be sure to check out these reversal techniques geared toward bringing an ex boyfriend back in your life. By recognizing the signals given off when he's looking to rekindle things between you, you can speed up the overall process of reconciliation.

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