Making Your Ex Girlfriend Want You Back Again

All breakups are different, but one thing's always the same: you can't get back together with your ex girlfriend until you make her want you again.

Make Girlfriend Want You Back

There are several ways to do this, and there a multiple routes you can take down the road to reconciliation. But if you want your ex back? You first must recreate the feelings and emotions she had when she NEEDED you.

It doesn't matter how the two of you broke up, but what does matter is what you do afterward. If you spent the hours and days immediately after she dumped you trying to get her to change her mind, chances are good you already made some mistakes.

If you begged or pleaded, you eroded away some of the respect your ex had for you. If you cried, it's an even worse scenario.

Hopefully you remained strong... but even if you didn't, there are still ways to reverse the damage you've already done, as long as you're willing to stop the bad behavior and reverse your current approach and mindset.

How To Earn Your Ex Girlfriend's Respect Again

Chasing after your ex girlfriend will only drive her away. And the harder you try? The fast she'll run... in the opposite direction. Maybe by the time you're reading this, you've already seen this to be true.

To get back an ex girlfriend you need to have her total and complete respect. A girl who admires you will always want to be with you. A women who respects you as a strong, confident man is going to find herself inevitably attracted to you. Strength, confidence, enthusiasm... you probably exhibited these traits when you first got together, but maybe they diminished over time. But no matter what you do, in order to win her back you'll need to re-establish yourself as a strong, supportive figure in her life.

There are certain male traits that, no matter what, are always attractive to women. By learning what these are, you can get a very big jumpstart on creating a genuine desire for your ex to have you back in her life again.

The first step to doing this is pretty tough, but it's very necessary: you need to walk away cleanly. Don't fight the break up, don't try to talk her out of it... let your ex know that you're still the strong guy she once fell in love with by accepting the break up and leaving with dignity. Want to know how to make your ex girlfriend want you back? Give her a hug, wish her the best of luck, and walk away. Doing this will go miles toward winning her back later on.

Steering Clear of Contact With Your Ex Girlfriend

Your next move is a simple one, but it's also the step most guys mess up on: breaking contact with your ex. Some guys don't understand the point of not talking to someone you love and want again, but these are usually the ones who end up pushing their exgirlfriend away. Right now, just after she breaks up with you, your girlfriend wants little to do with you. She already feels awkward about ending the relationship and doesn't really want to see you. Showing up now is only going to weird her out. Calling her, texting her, or sending her emails - these are all bad moves right now. You're going against what you should be doing, which is keeping your distance and letting your ex miss you.

Remember: your ex won't want you back until she needs you again... and how can she need you if you don't go away? How can your girlfriend miss you if you're always trying to get in touch with her? The longer you can go without contacting your ex, the easier it will be to re-establish a positive connection when it's finally time to start talking again. Smothering your ex with attention, affection, and contact after she breaks up with you is one of the most destructive things you can do when it comes to any future relationship with her.

Make Yourself Into Something Your Ex Will Need to Have Back!

As the saying goes, the best revenge is living well. Not that you want revenge here, but you certainly want your ex to see that you're not only doing "alright" after the break up... but that you're actually doing better than awesome. In learning how to make your ex girlfriend want you back, one of the bigger lessons involves creating a happy, healthy post-breakup lifestyle for yourself. You do this by focusing inwardly on creating a better you.

Making yourself better physically is what most guys think of here, and that itself is not a bad idea. You can always hit the gym and tone up, start running to drop some weight, get a new haircut, go tanning... you can even buy some new clothes to make yourself look and feel better. During the relationship you may have gotten a little too comfortable, so sprucing yourself up a bit is always good. But that being said, you also need to make positive changes to your mental and emotional state. Redevelop confidence, strength, drive, purpose, ambition... all of the things that create good charisma and make you instantly attractive to members of the opposite sex. Keep your chin up and maintain a positive outlook on everything, even in the face of adversity. Knowing that eventually you'll get back your ex girlfriend should keep you motivated to stay happy and focused.

Getting Out and Doing Fun Stuff - Without Your Ex

It's the first instinct for both men and women after getting dumped: curling up and feeling sorry for yourself. It's always much easier to wallow in misery than it is to put on a happy face and try to move forward. If you've been pretty mellow and grounded at home since your girlfriend ended things, it's way past time to get out and do stuff. Meet up with your friends, grab some family members - do whatever it takes to get out of the house and put your mind on something other than your exgirlfriend.

Get Girlfriend Back

When your ex sees that you're not only fine with the end of the relationship but are actually having fun, going out, and doing new things? Jealous feelings are actually going to well up within her. She won't be able to control it, either. She'll see you laughing and having a great time, and she might even feel a little resentful at how easily you seem to have gotten over the relationship. Instead of chasing her and trying to get your ex back, it looks like you're taking big steps in the opposite direction.

Believe it or not, this will make your ex want you more than ever. As strange as it sounds, it's always been human nature to want what we cannot have. As soon as you let go of something, you tend to look back upon it to make sure that letting go of it was a good idea. And when she sees that the thing she let go of - in this case the relationship - is actually something fun, happy, and cool? She's going to start questioning the decision to break up with you in the first place.

Getting Back Out There and Dating Again Can Make Your Ex Jealous

When people ask how to make your ex girlfriend want you back, one of the most common answers is to make her jealous. And when you think of creating jealousy between you and an ex, you probably think of the number one way to do it: dating other girls. As soon as your ex sees you with someone else, regardless of whether or not she dumped you, she's going to have sudden feelings of envy that you're moving on without her. And if you happen to start dating someone else before she does? Those jealous feelings are going to be even more intense.

If you want to make your ex girlfriend jealous, there's nothing more effective than getting back on the dating scene. Just be sure to do it for the right reasons: because you're looking to go out, meet new people, and have a good time. Don't grab the first girl you see and parade her around just for the sole purpose of getting your ex upset. This plan could easily backfire, especially if she knows that's the only reason why you're doing it. Also, why hurt someone else? The person you start taking out could develop a genuine attachment to you, while at the same time you're really still trying to get back your ex girlfriend.

In the end, do things for the right reasons. Jealousy should be a lucky byproduct of you wanting to get out and move on with your life. If your ex girlfriend sees you with someone else and those old emotions rise to the surface? So be it. But don't count on this to happen, and don't discount the new girl you might be taking out. Who knows? Things between the two of you might work out... and suddenly you'll be forgetting all about your ex girlfriend.

Meeting and Reconnecting With Your Ex - A Big Part of Getting Her Back

After you've accepted the break up, disappeared for a while, eliminated contact with your ex, and waited out a good month or so? Now's the perfect time to reconnect with your exgirlfriend again. If you've done everything correctly you should be in great position to see what she's up to, how she's been, and what new things are going on in her life. Your ex will not only accept a friendly phone call from you, she'll totally welcome the contact. And why shouldn't she? You've been nothing but cool since the relationship ended.

Making your ex miss and need you again is a critical process that involves taking yourself away for a while. So when you finally do reconnect, you'd better do it right. Knowing exactly what to say (and not say) to an ex girlfriend can make or break that first contact. You can't move too fast or reveal too much, but there are seeds you can plant to put yourself back in her mind again and get her thinking about a possible future with you. Learn what they are, so you can draw up a blueprint for success.

Before doing a single thing, make sure you learn the best methods and techniques when it comes to how to make your ex girlfriend want you back. Don't leave your reconciliation to chance, or just try to "wing it". Successfully winning back your ex requires that you know exactly what you're doing at all times, and not using methods that involve trial and error.

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