Meeting Up With an Ex Girlfriend After The Break Up

Getting back together is never easy. When you meet your ex girlfriend for the first time since the break up, how exactly do you handle it? What should you tell her that lets your ex know how you feel, without scaring her away?

meeting an ex girlfriend

Meeting up with your ex girlfriend, but not sure what to say? Don't panic, because you're not alone. In trying to figure out the best way to get back your exgirlfriend, you're joined by thousands of other guys in the exact same boat... all trying to accomplish the exact same goal.

The truth it, winning your ex's attention is easy. Getting positive attention is the hard part. The path to reconciliation is paved with good intentions, but without a specific plan of action? Your chances of getting back together are usually pretty slim.

If you've reached the point where your ex girlfriend has agreed to meet you, good for you. This demonstrates interest on her part, and shows that she still has feelings for you. A girl who's not interested in dating you ever again will usually walk the other way and not look back. Agreeing to meet with you is a good sign that your ex still loves you.

And yes, I said she still loves you. Why? Because emotional bonds aren't so easily broken. If you think all the feelings you had for each other just disappeared into thin air the moment your girlfriend ended your relationship, you're giving up way too easily.

Before meeting your ex girlfriend when you want her back, be sure you've prepared yourself for success. Hopefully you've also employed emotional bonding techniques designed specifically to make her need you again, the way she once used to.

The following guidelines will help your meeting go as smoothly as possible, and keep you walking the path toward getting back together again:

Meet Somewhere Close and Public

The first time you see your ex after the breakup shouldn't be in some far away, serious place. As much as you'd like to "wow" her with a romantic evening, this is the surest way to scare your girlfriend off again.

Instead, take your ex to lunch. Maybe grab coffee, or something equally quick. The goal here should be keeping things casual. Lunch or coffee leaves room for relaxing and catching up on each other's lives, and then you can go your separate ways. Dinner is too committal, and leaves the open-ended question of "where do we go afterwards?"

Keep It Quick and Neat

You're not meeting your ex girlfriend to get her back. Right now, you're meeting her to put yourself back in her head again. By talking face to face, you're reinserting yourself back in your ex's life again. The trick however, is to do this s-l-o-w-l-y.

By keeping your reunion date quick and casual, you're leaving before things get awkward or weird. You can catch up on what's been going on with your ex girlfriend, and it's good let her do most of the talking. When your meeting is over, make sure you've left enough mystery on your side of things. You should leave her wanting more, as this will ensure that you get another date.

Don't Talk About Anything Serious

It goes without saying that you shouldn't discuss your relationship during this first meeting. Talking about the break up will make things extremely awkward for your ex girlfriend, and it might lead to assigning blame. Even worse, you could end up fighting over the same things that caused the relationship to end in the first place.

Instead, ask your ex how things have been with her. Discuss school, family, work, and anything else innocent and casual. If she's been hanging out with friends, let her tell you about it. Don't get jealous or pry for information, or your ex will immediately realize you still have strong feelings for her.

Leave Your Ex Wanting To See You Again

Before you can your girlfriend back, one important thing needs to happen: you must make your ex want you again. She needs to miss you, and recognize that you were an important part of her life... one that she doesn't really want to go without.

To do this, you need to make your ex laugh. When meeting your ex girlfriend when you want her back, do everything in your power to make her feel comfortable. Bring up subjects that she likes to talk about, and let her ramble on about anything she feels she wants to tell you. The more you can make it so that she has a good time? The better your ex's opinion will be of you.

What To Do If Your Ex Girlfriend Won't See You

The reunion date is an important part of getting back together with your ex girlfriend, and you should have fun with it. That said, if you're having trouble getting to this point? Don't worry, because there's lots of help available.

Winning your girlfriend back is a completely learnable skill. Just as you once managed to capture her love and attention, there are ways of reigniting those same old sparks. The more knowledge you have, the better your chances of putting her back in your arms.

Don't leave fixing your breakup to chance. By adopting a step by step plan to get her back, you can learn exactly what to do and say that will help get your ex to need you back again.

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