4 Big Reasons Why Your Ex Hasn't Called You Yet

Trying to fix your breakup, but your ex won't call? Tired of making all the effort? Find out why your ex hasn't called, and what you can do to get your boyfriend or girlfriend back in your arms.

Ex Hasn't Called

Still waiting on that phone call from your ex boyfriend or girlfriend? It's a tough thing, trying to fix an unwanted breakup. You'll hear all sorts of things about no contact, and how ignoring your ex can help get them back.

But what if your ex is the one ignoring you?

Keep in mind: most people concentrate only on what they want, while trying to get back together after an unwanted break. This is not only selfish, but also counterproductive. Right now your ex isn't looking to hear about what YOU want, they have certain needs of their own. There are some very necessary techniques you can use to find out what these needs are, and then use your ex's needs to your own advantage.

Below you'll find out the biggest reasons why your exgirlfriend or exboyfriend hasn't rang your phone just yet. Understanding your ex's mindset can go a long way toward changing that mindset and getting your ex back.

1) It's Just Way Too Soon After The Breakup

When your ex sits you down to end your relationship, the first thing they'll want to do is get away. This is because your ex feels awkward, sad, and maybe even a little guilt-stricken about having to dump you, and walk away from a once good relationship.

Don't expect a phone call anytime soon at this point. Despite thinking you're the only one who's been hurt, your ex is probably hurting too. He or she is also going through a breakup, and they're reflecting on things and maintaining some space.

2) You Haven't Left Your Ex Alone Long Enough For Them To Miss You

Still calling your ex? Texting them to see how they're doing? Dropping a friendly email or two just to say hi, thinking there's nothing wrong with such innocent little contact?

All of these things are destroying your chances of getting back with an ex boyfriend or girlfriend. You're giving your ex all the contact he or she wants with you (and then some), meaning they have no incentive to be the one making that contact. In short, the more you call? The less your ex needs to hear from you.

3) You've Kept Yourself Way Too Visible After The Breakup

An ex will always need to know what happened to you. It doesn't matter that they ended things; it's human nature for them to be curious about how you moved on after the breakup.

This is exactly why laying low is so important at this stage in the break. An ex who sees where you are (and what you're doing) will feel comfortable and secure in continuing along the path of the breakup. They know you're not going anywhere, seeing anyone new, or doing anything that would prevent them from getting you back if they so changed their mind.

Your best chance at getting your ex back? Become a complete mystery as soon as possible. Never let your ex see you sitting at home (even if you are sitting at home) - you want them to think you're out having a fun, crazy, and most of all exciting time without them.

4) You Haven't Changed a Single Thing About Yourself

Your ex broke up with you for a reason. Either you changed since they first met you, or the relationship changed, or they just got bored... there are lots of possibilities.

Before your ex wants you back, something has to change. This is where you step in, step up, and make yourself into something and someone your ex would WANT to have back in their life again.

Physically, you can always improve yourself. Mentally and emotionally, you can improve as well. If you were confident, independent, and charismatic at the beginning of your relationship when you first attracted your ex? You'll need to exhibit those same types of behaviors again, in order to get your ex boyfriend or girlfriend interested enough to date you again.

Never change the core person you are; you should never have to "change" for anyone. That said, you CAN improve yourself. You CAN change back into the girl or guy your ex once fell head over heels in love with, as doing this will bring back the sparks and original magic of your early relationship.

You can't get your ex back by sitting there doing nothing. Stepping up and being proactive about your breakup is the only way to both recapture your ex's interest and get them to the point where your relationship gets that second chance.

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