We Broke Up, But I Still Want My Ex Back!

Lost your relationship due to an unwanted breakup? Have you been trying to get back your ex boyfriend or girlfriend, but everything you do only seems to make things worse?

Is your ex suddenly acting COLD? Unresponsive? Completely and totally avoiding you?
Do you feel like fixing your breakup at this point is hopeless or impossible?

What If There Were a Step-by-Step Blueprint For Getting Your Ex Back?

Just as you can be taught to swim or drive a car, you can also be taught how to get your ex boyfriend or girlfriend back. Reversing ANY breakup is always possible, with the right approach.

Your breakup is only as permanent as you make it. Couples get back together every single day, and the only obstacle preventing your ex from wanting you back right now is YOU.

Get Your Ex Back

Whether or not you can fix your broken relationship depends on you finding and identifying the things that will make your ex want you again.

Finding That Road to Reconciliation

Remember how absolutely amazing things used to be between you and your ex?

There was a time and place where your exboyfriend or exgirlfriend loved you very much. Somewhere out there is a path leading right back to that place.

Finding that path can sometimes be hard, and this is where most people give up. To get back with your ex you need patience, willpower, and confidence, but most of all you need KNOWLEDGE.

By learning what to do (and not do) after the breakup, you can make your ex miss, need, and want you again. Best of all, there's no time limit. The sooner you act, the faster you'll see results.

How To Bring Your Ex Back To That Early Relationship Magic

When it comes to reversing your breakup, nothing works better than re-living the 'honeymoon' portion of your relationship. This was the incredibly magical time when you and your boyfriend or girlfriend first fell in love, and everything between you was perfect.

To get your ex back you'll need to bring them to this place. By reminding them of how awesome your romance used to be, you can start showing them all the ways it can be like that again.

Luckily, there are some excellent reconnection techniques designed to put you and your ex boyfriend or girlfriend right back into that honeymoon mindset. By playing upon certain unbreakable connections you share as a couple, you can easily recapture the magic, the attraction, and the puppy-dog infatuation associated with the origins of your past relationship.

Can You Get Your Ex Back If They Say They Don't Love You Anymore?

What your ex says and how your ex feels are two entirely different things. Because right now,
after the breakup, your boyfriend or girlfriend is actually masking their true feelings for you.

While dating, you and your ex became emotionally bonded to each other. It's impossible to break those bonds cleanly and completely, which is why your ex still has feelings for you even after letting you go.

Your ex would like to ignore, bury, or shelve these feelings. Eventually they will go away. That's why you need to be proactive about your get back ex approach. Learn how you can subtly remind your ex of how they still feel toward you, and bring those buried feelings back to the surface again.

What if Your Ex is Ignoring You, or Won't Answer Your Calls?

Making contact after the breakup is one of the biggest stumbling blocks people run into while trying to get an ex back. Post-breakup contact needs to be made at just the right moment, and only once you're sure you have all the right things to say.

When to Contact Your Ex

You might not realize it's totally normal for your ex to avoid you or even turn utterly cold toward you after the breakup. In this case your boyfriend or girlfriend is trying to let go of something he or she once cared about, and it's always easier to avoid those types of feelings rather than face them.

Believe it or not, if your ex has been ignoring you it's actually a good sign. Emotional bonds are still intact, and these can be used to your advantage.

Timing is everything when it comes to getting back with an ex. You can't push too soon or you'll push your ex away, but at the same time you can't wait around too long without taking some sort of action. Your breakup is not going to fix itself.

What Are The Signs That My Ex Still Loves Me? How Will I Know?

There are certain telltale signals given off when your ex boyfriend or girlfriend is still in love with you, and if you want to win them back you need to know what these are.

For one, there's contact. Any time your ex boyfriend or girlfriend calls, text-messages, emails
or even just stops by to see or run into you, it always means something.

By reading your ex's behavior, body language, and actions, you can tell exactly how strong their feelings for you still are. And by the same token, you can also identify which signs indicate that your ex might losing interest, so you can take immediate action to reverse the breakup process entirely.

In the end, even if you and your ex have NO contact right now, you can still get a read on their existing feelings for you. By learning the more subtle ways of doing this, you can gain a distinct advantage over your ex girlfriend or boyfriend that can help to win them back.

What Can I Do Right Now to Change How My Ex Feels About Me?

Your boyfriend or girlfriend dumped you because they were unhappy with the current state of your relationship. So it only stands to reason that you can't get your ex back until something changes.

The problem is that most people try to change themselves. Instead of identifying and fixing the circumstances surrounding the cause of the breakup, these people try to mold themselves into unnatural versions of what they think their ex boyfriend or girlfriend really wants.

A better approach? Re-examining the indestructible beginnings of your relationship, and identifying exactly what's changed. When you can once again become the person your ex fell in love with, they can't help but fall right back in love with you all over again.

There are some very easy adjustments you can make right now, that will help get your ex back later on. Find out what these are, and start working toward re-creating the confident, charismatic person you were when your boyfriend or girlfriend first couldn't wait to start dating you.

Should I Still Be Friends With My Ex After We've Broken Up?

If you want to date your ex again, the answer is NO. The "Let's be friends" philosophy never works out, and it actually works against you if your ultimate goal is to one day get back together with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend and start a serious, long-lasting relationship.

Yet while there are a million reasons you can't be friends, there's also hope. Because an ex who's trying to befriend you after breaking things off is revealing a very important piece of information to you right now: they're not willing to lose you completely.

Staying friends with an ex will put you in a much weaker position than if you accepted the breakup and cleanly walked away. The transition from friends to lovers is much, much harder than you think, and you also run the risk of becoming nothing more than simply 'friends with benefits'.

Find out exactly what to do when your boyfriend or girlfriend dumps you and then asks to still remain friends. There are some really great tips for turning this situation around, and getting your ex to need you back as a lover and partner rather than as just a friend.

How Can I Get My Ex Back From Somebody Else?

It happens a lot: before you get the chance to fix your breakup, your ex has a new boyfriend or girlfriend. And while this type of situation can seem hopeless, it's not half as bad as you think it is.

Ex Has New Boyfriend Girlfriend

Rebound relationships have the worst track record of any other type of romance. They have a very short duration, and generally end in a messy way.

So if your ex started dating again without fully getting over your past relationship? There's a good chance of getting them back sooner than you think.

There's not a lot you can do to stop your ex from dating someone else. However, there ARE things you can do to make your ex want you back... and to steal them away from a new lover before they even realize what's happening.

Remember, the faster your ex jumped back into the dating pool, the less time he or she had to process their feelings for you. This means those underlying emotions are still there, leaving you an open door from which you can start working toward getting your ex to need you back.

This type of scenario is all about position. If you can put yourself in just the right place with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend, you'll be the first person they go to once signs of trouble start rearing up
within their existing rebound relationship.

What if I Cheated? Can I Still Get My Ex to Take Me Back?

YES. And with the right approach? It's even easier than getting them back without the infidelity.

Cheating ends a relationship quickly - too fast even for your ex's liking. Upon finding out you'd been cheating on them, your boyfriend or girlfriend probably broke off your relationship without even stopping to think if a breakup is what they really wanted.

After a short while however, your ex will start to miss you. Even though they're angry and hurt by your affair, your boyfriend or girlfriend never got the chance to to prepare for losing you quite so quickly and completely. This puts them in prime position, if you know what to do next.

To get your ex back after cheating, you'll need to get them to forgive you. There are ways of not only sweeping the past under the rug, but actually getting your ex to give you a clean slate, even after you've been unfaithful. Learn how you can rebuild trust and re-establish a strong, lasting connection.

Can I Still Get Back With My Ex Even if it Seems Totally Hopeless?

Again, when it comes to repairing a broken relationship there's no such thing as a hopeless situation. The only time you can fail in getting your ex back, is when you actually stop trying.

Seize Control of Breakup

One thing you lost when your ex broke up with you was control. Your boyfriend or girlfriend took all of the power away from you the moment they sat you down and announced they were abandoning the relationship for good.

In order to reverse the momentum and turn your breakup around, you'll first need to seize back that control. The entire situation between you and your ex needs to be something that rests in your hands, and not in theirs.

To accomplish this, you'll need a strong approach. If your ex senses weakness, or that you're not very hopeful for the future, it enables them to continue the breakup without much of an afterthought. But once you've adapted a stronger and more cooly confident stance? Everything you say holds a lot more impact, and everything you do becomes a lot more important.

Additionally, there are techniques you can use to change your exgirlfriend or exboyfriend's current mindset. Some even border on mind manipulation, but applied correctly they can seriously change the way your ex sees and thinks about you right now.

Be sure to learn which psychological triggers are best for gaining a positive response from your ex girlfriend or boyfriend. Pressing these emotional hot buttons might actually seem unfair, but with a little patience you can actually get your ex to begin chasing YOU rather than vice versa.

Is There a Step-by-Step Process To Get Your Ex Back?

Totally. Because getting someone who dumped you to actually want you back isn't something you can accomplish overnight; there are always smaller steps that lead up to getting back together.

The good news however, is that you can accelerate the process of winning your ex back. Just learning these steps isn't enough - you need to be proactive about everything you do, from the moment your ex breaks up with you to the moment you're once again back in each other's arms.

Find out which simple adjustments can help you get your ex boyfriend or girlfriend back quickly, by making them miss and need you more than they ever did before.

Getting Back Together With an Ex: Your Very First Moves

Ready to start walking the path leading back into your ex's life? Step by step, this website will guide you through the process of reconciliation. You'll find TONS of free advice on what to do, how to act, and what to say to an ex boyfriend or girlfriend that will make them want you back.

Don't just read the 30+ pages of breakup advice found here, try to absorb them. Because when it comes to reversing your breakup, knowledge is everything. The more you know the better off you are, and the less mistakes you'll make along the way.

Start off with these opening moves on how to win back your boyfriend or girlfriend. They'll teach you exactly how to handle the breakup in such a way that your ex starts seeing you as desirable and datable again, rather than someone to be cast out or thrown away.

Additionally, you'll find links to some of the most popular, and more importantly successful, relationship repair guides. The best ones are included here, and these can draw you an exact blueprint detailing how you can quickly and easily get back together with your ex, no matter what your current circumstances. Definitely check out our detailed Relationship Guide Reviews.

But the most important advice of all? Be confident enough to visualize the end of your breakup.

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